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Full Elastic waist support belt Full Elastic waist support belt

Full Elastic waist support belt

Name: Full Elastic waist support belt Material: Polyester, hook and loop Function Lumber back protection, back pain relief Feature: Protection, built-in support strips and support brace Size: S M L XL XXL Product Introduction It’s made of steel stay and elastic composite band, the biggest difference is no thread sewing. Usually use for soft tissue injury of lumbarand sacral, disorder of lumbar face joint, lumbar injury. It’s widely used in the hospital, clinic and home,etc. It’s not only used in medical, you also can use for daily life. It’s breathable and can provide stable support for your waist. Reduce the waist back pain, waist protection. Before using it, you need to listen for doctor’s advice. And don’t wear it all the way, you need to take off after using for some time. Reduces lower back pain, postural fatigue and deformities as well as strains arising from incorrect posture Reduces risk of injury and strain while performing normal daily activities especially in older patients. Ensure comfort to the lumbar region during travel and prolonged working hours Flexible back splints conform to the body shape of the user thus improving compression. Compression levels can be self-adjusted as per activity. We have lots of designs of the waist brace, we will recommend the suitable type for you. The belt has flexible splinting (Steel Inserts) at the back side which on application takes the shape of the lumbosacral region (lower back) of the user providing basic support. If you have interests, we can communicate more details.  The hook and loop closure provides it with an adjustable size. A lower back brace can be an effective element of a comprehensive treatment plan for certain spinal conditions, and can provide support for the spine as it heals following back surgery. Usage method  ● You need to open the waist belt first, put it around your waist. ● Tighten the sides of the belt and paste the straps ● Attach the front position with a fixed strap and fix it ● It has three pads, you can put one pad on the back belt first, then wear it. Suit Crowd ● Sport injury of athlete ● Recovery after surgery ● Lumbar aging ● After standing or sitting for a long time