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Factory Price Orthopedic Cervical Collar Soft EVA Neck Support Brace

Short Description:

This neck brace is made of leading quality EVA and soft foam, sticky buckle.

Product Detail

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Name: Philadelphia Cervical Collar
Material: Foam And EVA composite material
Function: Medical external fixation Brace Support
Feature: Made by high-quality foam, around air hole.
Size: S/M/L

Product Instruction

This neck brace  is made by leading quality foam, with well-proportioned air holes and PE brace. for support the cervical.
This one is designed by ergonomic principle. It’s soft and comfortable, you can wear it by yourself.
The hole in the front of product is for the operation and esophagus. It could reduce neck pressure and rain, and can promote the blood circulation.
The cervical collar is made of high polymer material. According to the design of human shoulder and neck, there are air holes around the neck brace, plastic supports at the front and back, adhesive buttons and adjustable, S M L size available. It is mainly used for cervical folding and fixation, dislocation reduction, postoperative recovery and so on. Good air permeability, very breathable, provide firm support and fixation for cervical vertebra. The use of light foam material, plus pre-molded, can be easily suitable for most users, sticky buckle easy to adjust the size. The front opening is convenient for patients undergoing tracheotomy during emergency treatment. It is made of high – quality material and high – tech process. You can state recovery speedy. This product can adjust the height, and meet the patient’s depends with illness. The most important, before use it, you need to ask for doctor’s advice.
Usage method 
● Place the front of the neck in front of the lower jaw.
● Adjust the elastic, neck circumference and paste the nylon buckle after proper position.
● The fixed time is usually 30 ~ 60 minutes or follow the doctor’s advice
● After fixation, release the magic button and remove it.
Suit Crowd
● patients with cervical spondylosis
● After operating, some catheters need be retained in the neck.
● Hospital, clinic and home, etc.

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