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Leading Manufacturer S M L Size Aluminum Finger Splint

Short Description:

Applicable to phalanx fracture, ligament injury, distraction avulsion after fixation

Product Detail

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Name:              Aluminum alloy finger bone splint 
Material:          Aluminium alloy, foam
Function:         Applicable to phalanx fracture, ligament injury, distraction avulsion after fixation
Feature:           Easy to wear, easy to adjust
Size:                 S M L
Color:               Blue, White


This splint is used to treat stenosing tenosynovitis (also known as trigger finger), you can avoid painful surgery use this one. It can be used in your index, middle,ring or pinky finger, or your  thumb. It’s made of aluminum and sponge, and S M L size available. Finger splints are used to protect fingers and to help align the small joints that may be affected by arthritis or injury. There are several different types of finger splints. The splints serve to stabilize or work on extension of the PIP joint (the joint closest to the knuckle) or DIP joint (the joint closest to the end of the finger).
Made from annealed aluminum for extra softness and extra malleability.
Etha foam padding carries advantages like hypoallergenic, inert, Odorless, non-absorbent, easy to clean and maintain.
Maintains both interphalangeal joints in natural functional position.
Epoxy-coated malleable aluminum used ensures well fitting and rigid immobilization can be customized as per patient’s need.
Well ventilated, good patient comfort, high patient compliance. Sleek, simple and light in weight offers better patient compliance
Lightweight and compact, portable when go outdoor.
Waterproof. Do not affected by temperatures and weather,is suitable for continuous use.
Does not adhere to the wound, it will not absorb bodily fluid or blood.
Non-sterile, Non-toxic and tasteless
Strong and reusable, when reusing disinfection is necessary. Durable with a long shelf life.
Radiolucent, minimum interface for X-rays, MRI and CT.
Pliable, flexible and malleable, the orthopedic polymer splint can be molded into any shape to fit.
Easy operation, easy to cut to fit limbs, can be well served as the fixture of broken bones.
It can fix and support the wound with help of static bend supporting force.
The soft aluminum support and foam padding can provide very good fixing stable effects.
Usage method:  
● Select the suitable product, open the  small plastic package and take out the product.
● Place the splint in the position of  dislocation or fracture after reposition of the finger bone of the patient  with dislocation or fracture.
● Tighten the splint of the fracture splint  with gauze or bandage.
Suit crowd 
The people who encounter bone soft tissue damage or fracture fixation.

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