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Elastic waist support belt

Short Description:

Adjustable full elastic widening and strengthening waist support belt

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Product Description:

1.22 cm wider size design increased the support area

2.Breathable fish line cloth with high elasticity fabric, use more comfortable

3.6 memory support steel plate provide Strong support for the back and antisternum make it not easy to deform

4.Hook and loop ,closure provides easy, adjustable fit for most people; Fully adjustable to accommodate users with different size



1. Rehabilitation and treatment of bone spurs, back pain, sciatica and other diseases

2. Prevention and adjuvant therapy lumbar spondylosis, lumbar muscle strain and other syndromes;

3. After spinal surgery or stabilize the rehabilitation of lumbar disc herniation;

4. Perform manual labor and the elderly physically weak waist protection and support;

5. Eliminate or alleviate worked due to fatigue caused by force or waist, abdomen, back discomfort.

6. Abdomen and abdominal larger field may be used in winter waist and abdomen postpartum women, in order to keep the body fit.

7.Help to trim your belly fat and slim your waist as well.



1.Patients with Lumbar muscle strain, lumbar lumbar disc protrusion etc.

2.People with Algomenorrhea, Renal deficiency, Disharmony between Spleen and Stomach Afterpains etc

3.People who feels cold on Lower Abdomen, Lumbar, Stomach etc.

4.Fat people want to lose weight

5.Driver,teacher,office worker,back issues patients,postpartum recovery


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