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Anping Shiheng Medical Instruments Co.,Ltd. is a specialized medical and sport equipment company which sells rehabilitation medical equipment & sport brace.The company has its own factory,which covers an area of more than 12000 square metres,equipped with four professional operation workshops and more than200 experienced technical workers.It is also leading providers of orthopedic supports in the north of China.

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EVA prosthetic leg liner, thermoformed sleeve sleeve, prosthetic leg liner

1. Take a mold based on the patient’s residual limb. 2. Select a suitable prosthetic inner liner and place it in an oven, heating at 220 ℃ for 1 minute. 3. Select a suitable PVA mold sleeve and wet it with water before placing it on the mold. 4. Take out the heated inner sleeve of t...

Material thickened gel gasket big toe valgus corrector big toe corrector available day and night

The hallux valgus corrector belongs to the conservative physical correction of thumb valgus and large foot bones. It is prohibited to use excessive gravity during the initial use. After half a month of use, the correction force can be gradually adjusted and increased, which can be used day ...

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