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Aluminum finger splint protector

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Metal Foam Broken Dislocated Finger Stabilizer, Medical Aluminum Finge Splint Finger Guard Protector for Finger Fracture

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Name Aluminum Finger Splint for Fracture recovery
Material Aluminum, foam
Size S/M/L
Color Blue, white
Funtion Applicable to phalanx fracture, ligament injury, distraction avulsion after fixation. Easy to wear, easy to adjust.



EFFECTIVE TRIGGER FINGER SPLINT – The trigger finger splint keeps your finger from locking and helps ease the pain like hypermobility, hyperextension, curved mallet finger, trigger finger, arthritis, tendon injury, knuckle. Also, helps immobilize broken dislocated finger after surgery

DIFFERENT SIZES FIT MOST FINGERS - The finger protectors come in 3 different sizes making it easy to find the right size for the injury finger. Easy to wrap on your thumb, index, middle, ring finger and pinky on right/ left hand. S(8.8cm/ 3.4in), M(9.8cm / 3.8in), L(11cm / 4.3in)

ADJUSTABLE ALUMINUM SUPPORT – This finger brace for trigger finger is constructed with rigid but lightweight metal brace, avoiding tendon catching and joint bending to promote symptom improvement and reduce pain. You can adjust it to a proper pressure and make closure securely

COMFORTABLE TO WEAR - The splints for trigger finger are designed with foam padding, which is comfortable enough for daily wear. Smooth metal surface ensures not rubbing up against your next finger. Easy to take on and off when hand washing, showers, eating, etc



Unique fold over the tip of the finger design

No tapeing required

Foam padded aluminium


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