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Elastic and breathable waist support brace

Short Description:

The waist support belt is used for lumbar vertebra hyperplasia and lumbar protection.

Product Detail

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Name: Elastic and breathable waist support belt
Material: Fish ribbon, mesh cloth, steel plate
Function Lumber back protection, back pain relief
Feature: Protection, built-in support strips and support brace
Size: S M L XL

Product Introduction

It’s made of steel stay and elastic composite band. Usually use for soft tissue injury of lumbarand sacral, disorder of lumbar face joint, lumbar injury. It’s widely used in the hospital, clinic and home,etc. It’s breathable and can provide stable support for your waist. Reduce the waist back pain relief, waist protection. Before use it, you need to listen for doctor’s avdice. And don’t wear it all the way, you need to take off after using for some time. Use it every day, after some days, you will recovery. Reduces lower back pain, postural fatigue and deformities as well as strains arising from incorrect posture

Double girdle: a secure double girdle supports the spine, providing
stability to those suffering from lower back pain and protecting the waist from secondary injury.
Functions: waist extension, back support, lumbar disc release, waist
muscle protection, abdominal pruning, postpartum recovery.
Keep your lower back straight or stretched to reduce pain in your lower back muscles, ligaments, discs, and nerve roots, and speed recovery.
The back-straddle heavy elastomer double-pull mechanism provides efficient, easily adjustable compression for a better fit at the waist.
The back panel’s non-elastic fabric provides extra horizontal lower back support and relieves stress
Waist brace for both men and women: reduces muscle damage and
supports a perfect body.
Provides support, compression, and warmth to the lower back while
maintaining flexibility to allow free movement without hindering normal life.

Usage method 
● You need to open the waist belt first, put it around your waist.
● Tighten the sides of the belt and paste the straps
● Attach the front position with a fixed strap and fix it
● Adjusted according to your body, don’t adjust it too tighten, stop using it if you feel uncomfortable
Suit Crowd
● Sport injury of athlete
● Recovery after surgery
● Lumbar aging
● After standing or sitting for a long time

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