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Free size carpal strap breathable wrist brace

Short Description:

This carpal strap is free size, can be used for left and right hand. It is made of composite cloths,aluminum bars,hook, loop, neoprene and have the functions of wrist trauma and carpal tunnel syndrome.

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Name: High quality Wrist Protect Brace
Material: composite cloths,aluminum bars,hook and loop,neoprene
Function: Trauma or postoperative of wrist chronic soft tissue injury.Radial nerve palsy. Fixation after removal of plaster bandage.
Feature: There super wide belt strengthen fixed effect. Moldable aluminium splint ensures proper fixed position.Left and Right
Size: S M L

Product Instruction:

The High quality Wrist Protect Brace are made of composite cloths,aluminum bars,hook, loop, neoprene and have the functions of wrist trauma and carpal tunnel syndrome. This product is made of high-quality synthetic materials, lined with sponge, velcro to adjust the tightness, and metal strips on the back of the palm are fixed, and the angle of the wrist joint can be adjusted according to needs.It is suitable for the fixation of patients with wrist joint and lower end of ulnar and radius fractures, forearm fractures, dislocations or ligament injuries. It can also be used for the above parts after surgery and during the recovery period. It can replace plaster to a certain extent. It can be removed, which is beneficial to clean the skin and is breathable. Supportive immobilization of wrist in a functional position to allow motion of fingers and thumb. Provides controlled compression and retention of body heat for pain relief; Adjustable metal splintsallow self-customisationas per activity and stress levels; Aids in post surgical rehabilitation
Works for either hand. Ambidextrous design: It is fit for usage in both left and right hand
Customizable Aluminium splint: The splint can be reshaped to match the contours of the patient’s wrist to offer a better support. They can be removed easily to be adjusted according to the suitable degree of dorsiflexion (backward bending) required for immobilizing the wrist
Anatomical Thumb opening: This allows thumb to be in abduction position that reduces fatigue and accelerates healing. Also permits movement for fingers and thumb
High quality elastic webbing: This provides strength and durability helping the product retain shape and elasticity for a long time
Ventilation: Porous and well-ventilated with air vents to give comfort when wearing

Usage method
Distinguish right and left hands
Expand Bracers
Put your thumb in the opening
Adjust position and tightness, glued with Velcro

Suit Crowd
Wrist injury
Carpal tunnel syndrome
People who need a fixed wrist

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