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High polymer neck support brace

Short Description:

This neck support brace is made of high polymer, competitive price.

Product Detail

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Name: Competitive price neck support brace
Material: High polymer
Function: Suit for cervical fracture fixation, cervical dislocation, reset fixation
Feature: Made by high polymer, low price
Size: S M L

Product Instruction

This product  is made by high polymer for support the head and neck .

This one is very simply structure and easy operation.Besides, the price is very competitive on the market.

This Collar have no metal, so the X-ray, CT can be excellent. The front  hole is for patient’s carotid artery monitoring, and the back openings is for diagnosis and ventilation.

Compared with ordinary neck brace, it has the following advantages

  • Reasonable angle adjustment and effective traction stroke, and according to different pathogenesis and different injury mechanisms, the angle of the cervical spine can be adjusted in the front and rear, left and right, flexion, extension, and left and right rotation positions to achieve the best traction and fixation effect ;
  • The characteristics of cervical spondylosis determine that it is impossible to be cured at one time in the hospital. The use of the liftable neck brace is not restricted by the site, neither delays life, work, nor delays the condition, provides convenience for patients, and is simple to use and operate;
  • Break the traditional cervical spine fixation model and realize the combination of static fixation and dynamic fixation (traction fixation), integrating fixation and traction.

Usage method 

  •  Place the front of the neck, place the back of the neck
  • Adjust the elastic, neck circumference and paste the nylon buckle after proper position.
  • The fixed time is usually 30 ~ 60 minutes or follow the doctor’s advice

Suit Crowd

  • Patients with cervical spondylosis
  • After operating, some catheters need be retained in the neck.
  • Fine adjustment to fix the neck

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