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Orthopedic finger splint

Orthopedic finger splint

The finger splint is used to protect the injured finger. Its main function is to keep the finger still and prevent the finger from bending. In addition, it can also help the finger to recover after arthritis, surgery, surgery, etc., or other reasons. . Artificial finger splints are usually made of metal or plastic.
If the fractured finger cannot be fixed, it may cause abnormal bone healing.

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Broken or sprained fingers may be swollen and painful. This kind of injury occurs by smashing, jamming, or bending the finger. Broken fingers and sprains do not usually require a cast.
For tendon injuries or fractures, use static finger splints. The static splint conforms to the shape of the finger and protects the finger as it heals. This splint allows finger positioning for optimal healing. Static splints are usually made of flexible metal with a soft lining on one side. Some splints are only affixed under the fingers, while other splints completely wrap the fingers to further protect the fingers.
Stacked splints can be used when various medical conditions force the joints of the fingers closest to the nail to bend continuously. Splint and finger and pass through the curved joint. It forces the joints to remain in an unbent position while allowing other joints to bend freely. Most stacking splints are made of plastic.


Dynamic finger splints  provide the best long-term relief for arthritic curved fingers. Metal, foam, this splint is made of plastic. Patients usually wear it at night when they sleep. The spring device can adjust the stretch of the fingers.
A self-made splint is glued under the injured finger to treat minor sprains and injuries. If you still have pain or numbness after resting for one hour, you should seek medical attention.

Post time: Jun-26-2021