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Use of orthopedic knee brace

Use of orthopedic knee brace

Knee brace is a kind of rehabilitation protective gear. In order to prevent patients after knee surgery from being put on heavy and airtight plaster, a knee brace is specially designed for patients after knee joint surgery. Angle adjustable knee brace. The knee support brace belongs to the category of rehabilitation protective gear.

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The hinged knee brace is made of OK fabric, and the fixation system is made of light-weight aluminum, showing a light and simple material suitable for medical protective gear.
Application range of knee joint fixation brace:

1. Rehabilitation after knee surgery.
2. Resuming use after injury or after operation of the medial and lateral ligaments and the anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments.
3. Fixation or movement restriction after meniscus surgery
4. Knee joint loosening, arthritis surgery or fracture surgery.
5. Conservative treatment of knee joint and soft tissue injuries, and prevention of contractures.
6. Fix the use after removing the plaster early.
7. Functional conservative treatment of collateral ligament injury.
8. Stable fractures.
9. Severe or complicated ligament loosening and fixation.

The importance of knee brace
For patients recovering from knee surgery, the recovery period is very important.
1. It takes time to recover after ligament surgery, and 6 to 12 weeks after surgery is the weakest link.
2. The functional protective gear tells the patient that they have completed the operation physically and psychologically, but need transition time to return to a normal physical state, and it is also an excellent physical therapy for the recovery of joint function.
3. The protective gear can further psychologically convince them that they will still be well protected after leaving the hospital

Post time: Jun-19-2021