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Thigh ankle foot support brace belt

Short Description:

This product is made of composite cloth and aluminum support inside. Used for fixation treatment of femoral fracture fixation, knee joint fixation and ankle fracture fixation, etc.

Product Detail

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Name: Adjustable orthopedic Knee Foot Ankle Brace Belt
Material: Compound cloth, aluminum alloy support
Function: Suitable for fixation of various parts of the knee joint, rehabilitation training
Feature: Help knee joint to regain it’s original functions or functional training for long-term   rehabilitation.
Size: Free

1. Scope of application:
This knee support brace is made of composite cloth and aluminum alloy. It is suitable for fixation and support of fractured parts of fracture patients. It can provide stable support and fixation.
2. How to use:
First select the external fixation brace of the corresponding specifications according to the patient’s patient or fracture site, then open the brace’s buckle, put it on the fractured dislocation part or the limb of the affected part after restoration, and fasten the buckle. Complete the operation.
3. Matters needing attention:
1. After installing the brace, check whether the nylon hook and loop fasteners are fastened and whether the fasteners are firm, otherwise the fixing effect will not be achieved. During use, the limbs with braces should not be close to high temperature and fire sources.
2. Please follow the doctor’s advice for family use.
4. Contraindications:
In case of trauma or mild allergies, it should not be used directly, and gauze or medical tissue should be added to the affected area.
5. Maintenance method:
If this product is dirty during use, it can be washed with soapy water or clean water.

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