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Adjustable ankle clip support

Short Description:

The ankle clip is suitable for ankle sprains and fractures, easy to operate.

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Name: Adjustable ankle clip brace
Material: EVA high-density foam, composite material strap, metal button
Function: Used for tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, pain caused by ankle and foot strain.Fixation for ankle fracture and ankle ligament injury.
Feature: This product has the advantages of light weight, simple operation, flexible adjustment and convenient use.
Size: S M L

[Performance characteristics of ankle-foot fixation clip]:

It is carefully designed and processed by custom composite cloth, Velcro, webbing, aluminum plate and other materials. Velcro pressure belt prevents the protective support from shifting or slipping off. It is simple to use, comfortable, easy to fix, and has good air permeability. It is an alternative to traditional medical fixation braces.
【Scope of application of ankle and foot clamp】:
It is a fixation belt suitable for patients to bandage and fix the ankle after sprains and fractures. The ankle-foot fixation clip is convenient to use, simple in structure and easy to use.
Reminders for the use of ankle and foot clamps:
1. The effect of wearing in time after operation is good.
2. Stop using if dizziness or discomfort occurs.
3. Use with caution for allergies.

Ankle and foot fixation clip: It is made of composite cloth, high-quality lining fabric, supported by high-strength aluminum alloy profiles on both sides, designed according to the human body, and has a three-dimensional shape. The inner wall has a buffer layer to reduce the impact on the ankle bone. Enhance comfort during wearing. The biggest difference between this product and other products is that the aluminum alloy plates on both sides are placed inside the Velcro, which can be placed at will according to the different positions of the wearer’s ankle. Front opening type, when wearing, first glue the small buckle, then put two pieces of buckle (with molded aluminum alloy plate inside) on both sides of the ankle, and finally fix it on the big buckle.

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