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Elastic Abdomen Belt Breathable for Women

Short Description:

It’s made of spandex and cotton, to help tighen abdomen.

Product Detail

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Name: Elastic abdomen belt 
Material: Spandex, cotton, elastic band 
Function: Help support  abdominal, weight loss and trim belly. 
Feature: Support weight of the abdomen and provide stability of the back. 
Size: S M L XL XXL 

Product Introduction

It’s made of spandex and cotton, to help tighen abdomen. It’s elastic and S-XXL size available. It’s helpful for abdominal weigh, lose weight and trim belly. The abdominal belt tightens and fixes the abdomen; it can effectively eliminate excess fat, lose weight, and tighten the abdomen; reduce local edema and pain, and promote postpartum and post-injury recovery. For those who feel that their stomachs are relatively large and need to support their stomachs when walking with heavier weight, especially for pregnant women who have laxative pain in the ligaments connecting the pelvis, the abdominal support belt can support the back. The role of pregnant women’s belly belt is mainly to help pregnant women hold up their abdomen. Can support weight of the abdomen and provide stability of the back. The bilateral scalable sticky buckle can provide additional length.
When you use it, you need to adjust to the suitable position according to you body. But don’t adjust it too tightly. Ideal for: providing support and care in the early postoperative phase of abdominoplasty, abdominal liposuction or any other abdominal surgery. Suitable for post-surgical care for incisional, inguinal or umbilical hernia surgery. Provides relief in mild lower back pain due to sprain or strain. Also useful in initial months after delivery. Supports and provides compression to abdominal muscles in a weakened or over-relaxed (pendulous) abdomen over time due to old age, obesity or inactivity (Quadriplegia, Paraplegia etc.). Tones the abdominal muscles. Ensures comfortable, gentle compression to relieve minor back pain. Allows full support in the sacral (base of the spine) and pelvic region all through the day during normal daily activity or exercise
Comfortable for extended use with cooling cotton layering inside and 4 way stretch knit that ensures flexibility during movement.

Usage method 
• Open the straps of the belt
• Put it around the waist
• Adjusted to fit the body, stick the straps

Suit Crowd
• Post partum
• Provide support for abdomen
• Weight loss, slimming

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