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Strengthen maternity support belt

Short Description:

It' s made of spandex, fish line cloth, to help pregnancy women reduce lower back/waist pain ache.

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Name: Maternity Support Abdomen Belt
Material: Spandex, fish line cloth, hook and loop
Function: For pregnancy women to relieve lower back/waist pain ache.
Feature: It’s convenient to wear, adjustable elasticity, can move freely when wearing it.
Size: S M L XL XXL

Product Introduction

It’s made of spandex and fish line cloth, PP support on the back side. To help pregnancy women reduce lower back/ waist pain ache. It can prevent uteine prolapse and stretch marks. Guide baby to a corrrect position. Helpful to reduce mother’s lower back & fatigue during pregnancy. It’s easy to wear and take off, you can adjust it according to the need. There’re several colors available, white, black and beige. Maternity belt is made of elastic and expands to fit the size of your pregnant tummy. Just as maternity clothing is sold in various sizes–such as small, medium and large. Colors also vary. Cotton is often used in the manufacturing of maternity belts because it is breathable and its soft texture is comfortable on your skin. Helps reduce low back pain & fatigue during pregnancy. Supports your growing belly.  Helps blood circulation,protect from leg edema. Supports average pressure, help to protect from abortion. Helps the baby grow up healthily. Helps ease the discomfort of pregnancy;
Gives relief from hip and pelvic pains during pregnancy. Supports your baby bump and providing gentle compression in the abdominal area. Soft and breathable belt that acts as a mini cradle for your baby. Ideal for correcting poor posture and supporting weak abdominal muscles.

Usage Method
• Put on the middle size band, attach the velcro closure to a desired position inside or outside the fabric abdominal pad to wrap it around your belly.
• Put on the big hand. Attach the Velcro closure of the remaining strap to the side velcro contacts of the big hand to wrap it around your back waist.
• Attach the bottom two velcro ends of the big hand to the fabric abdominal pad of the middle size band.
• Adjust the strap across your stomach to your comfort by using the velcro.

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