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Top Supplier Neck Support Brace Elastic Foam Cervical Collar

Short Description:

This kind of neck brace is made of high-density sponge, knitted fabric, hook and loop.

Product Detail

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Name: Sponge Neck Collar
Material: High-density sponge, knitted fabric, hoook and loop
Function: Suit for cervical fracture fixation, cervical dislocation, reset fixation
Feature: Made by high-quality foam and Hard Plastic, with front and back hole for post operation healthcare
Size: S/M/L For Men And Women

Product Instrument

This neck support is made of high-quality foam for support the head and neck .
This kind of cervical collar is lightweight and easy to operate.Besides, The foam material is very comfortable for injured person when wear.
This Collar have no metal, so the X-ray, CT can be excellent.  Provides supportto the Cervical (upper spine) region in a neutral and anatomically appropriate position. Immobilises the neck and cervical region gentlyto reduce chances of further injury or damage while continuing everyday tasks. Firm Density Foam: The core material has a high compression rate that provides required support to the neck during everyday activities in the natural anatomical position. Reduces chances of further damage due to sudden jerks. It’s so elastic, S M L size is available.
Nylon Stockinette: Makes it easy to wash and maintain in a typically high dirt and sweat accumulation zone
Shape: Contoured to follow the neckline and settle around the cervical spine, its aligned to the human anatomy
Adjustable: The hook and loop strap allows easy removal and adjustment of the brace as per activity and recommended support levels. It’s easy to wear and take off, you can adjust it by yourself. It’s not only used in medical, but also can be used in our daily life.

Usage method

  • Place this cervical collar around your neck
  • Adjust the elastic, neck circumference and paste the nylon buckle after proper position.
  • You can wear it 30-60 mintues every day
  • After fixing, release the magic button and remove it.

Suit Crowd

  • Patients with cervical spondylosis
  • After operating, some catheters need be retained in the neck.
  • Suitable for the worker of long-time buried work
  • Health care

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